UFC 278: Kamaru Usman vs. Leon Edwards - Picks and Predictions

UFC 278: Kamaru Usman vs. Leon Edwards - Picks and Predictions

This card is going to be awesome, and we are super pumped for it! If you are unfamiliar with the fighters on this card or want a bit more insight, allow us to get you informed and as excited as we are.

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Live Dogs in the Cage

Jose Aldo is a high value dog at +100 this week, but his opponent Merab Dvavishvili is also a savage. Most MMA casual fans are very familiar with Jose, not so much with Merab. If you are familiar with Jose Aldo then you’re aware that he’s a prolific striker with lightning fast punches and leg kicks that could level small buildings. However, Merab does present an interesting challenge for Jose this week, stylistically. If you want to know why we’re excited for this matchup and what makes it so intriguing, you can skip to 31:45.


Crazy Dudes Will Collide

Any hardcore MMA fan can agree that Paulo Costa and Luke Rockhold make for an interesting fight. Both men are quotable headcases and have had issues throughout their career. A1 Twitter follow Paulo Costa had his loss to Izzy Adesanya which he blamed on consuming a whole bottle of wine the night before, followed by drastically missing weight in his last fight against Marvin Vettori. On the other hand, Luke Rockhold is a part-time Ralph Lauren model with a strong jawline, weak chin, and a roster of celebrities he’s dated. He’s also taken three years off from the sport. Was three years enough to fix his chin? Will Paulo’s work with Paddy Pimblett (who gets insanely fat between fights) help him to make weight this weekend? If you want to know which of these nut jobs we trust on Saturday, skip to 41:47.


And Still, or And New?

Kamaru Usman faces yet another title challenger in Leon Edwards this weekend. Leon is a very solid kickboxer, but will he match up against the current #1 P4P king? Did Leon truly earn his title shot, or is Usman just running out of worthy contenders? All questions that we answer on this week's episode. Tune in at 52:38 to find out what we think about this weekend's main event.


There are also some solid prelim picks this week. For our prelim locks and notables, skip to 10:08. Spoiler alert: we picked another women's fight.

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