UFC Fight Night: RDA  vs. Fiziev- Predictions

UFC Fight Night: RDA vs. Fiziev- Predictions

What's kickin? We're Keith and Tom, back with another episode of Pickin' Fights. If you aren't familiar with us, you can find our show on YouTube and Spotify. Week by week, we cover the upcoming UFC card and give you the insight you need to understand the match-ups, and more importantly, bet on them. Last week for UFC 276, Keith went 4-1 and is at 70% correct on the year, and Tom went 6-1 and is 74% this year.

This week, we've got the battle of the Rafael's for our fight night main event. Watch our latest video on YouTube for our picks on this card:


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This card promises to be exciting. The main event will for sure be a banger, but we've got a few other fights that everyone should be looking forward to. There's a Nurmagomedov on the card, a last name plenty of casual viewers should be familiar with despite no relation to Khabib. Michael Johnson, a longtime veteran and legend of the game will face the Australian youngster Jamie Mullarkey in what promises to be a standup battle that ends in knockout. Newcomer Caio Borralho faces Armen Petrosyan in a technical battle including lots of hard strikes landing from clinches and eventual bloodshed.

Finally, in the main event, the battle of Rafaels. Rafael dos Anjos is a vet with a storied career and the kind of rivalries you tell your kids about. Rafael Fiziev is an up-and-comer with great kickboxing and heavy hands. He's been in some wars already; just check out his fight against Bobby Green:

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