We See Your Great Reset and We Raise You a Great Awakening

We See Your Great Reset and We Raise You a Great Awakening

We are not going to be okay. We are going to be far beyond okay. We’re going to be outstanding.

Breakthroughs and a reinvigoration of masculinity are on their way.

Men are waking up.

First: how did we get here?

Men know something has been wrong quite awhile, but they just haven’t been able to place it. Something deep within them has made them unsettled and lost in a sea of distractions and numbness.

And when they don’t feel numb enough, they seek numbness through coping mechanisms that then become their mental and spiritual thermostat. And it drives them naturally toward spiritual suicide.

Remember when you were a little boy and you pretended to be fighting in a war, to be doing heroic things, saving a damsel in distress and feeling that sense of pride that you knew heroes must feel? And if you really tap back into that feeling, you realize that you weren’t proud because other people gave you accolades and patted you on the back. You felt a sense of pride because you had done something great even if only in your dreams.

For far too long, boys and young men have been coddled and made to feel like heroes for doing the bare minimum. And the bar for doing the bare minimum has been lowered decade by decade.

The consequences of luxury.

Absent resistance, muscles will atrophy and this atrophy will impact the bones, making man a withered, weak, disfigured mass of uselessness. So what happens to the mind, spirit, and body of man when the world becomes so easy he hardly even has to work to have luxuries that would have been unfathomable to generations past?

The mind, body, and spirit of man becomes withered, week, disfigured, soft, and fat. And absent legitimate physical resistance, mental challenges, and heroic pursuits, man begins to slip into emotions that can overtake him.

And now the chickens have come home to roost.

Allowing himself to be softened and contorted by this mental and physical atrophy, it is only natural that man now finds himself in an existential battle that reaches deep into his spirit, challenging his will to live.

Faced with some very difficult choices, many men are realizing that they have let luxury and technological advance replace their own internal drive to be the best they can be. They have foregone learning valuable skills because, if the task hasn’t already been automated on some level, it can still seem much simpler to just pay someone else to fulfill tasks men would traditionally tackle themselves.

But it’s not too late.

There was a time when any man who would call himself a man could chop down a tree, build his own makeshift shelter, find and kill whatever he needed to survive, and protect his family without even considering calling the police. Now, far too many men rely on someone else completely for these vital roles of a provider and protector. And they are wondering if they have what it takes to handle these responsibilities if push really comes to shove.

But it’s not too late.

You don’t have to be a victim of circumstances. But your time is running out. Are you awake yet? Are you mentally prepared to do what it takes to survive? Do you have the skills necessary to take care of your basic needs and those of the people closest to you? If not, now is the time to quickly find resources and people who can help you level up as quickly as possible.

This is what we are here for. We started this project to give men a place to go to learn from other men so that you don’t feel alone as you awake from a comfortable slumber. This community is growing rapidly and there is already a wealth of knowledge deposited in the hundreds of articles our team has already written.

A great awakening is underway.

We have already begun to see men standing up to tyrants, taking ownership of themselves and their health, their strength, and their resilience in the face of adversity.

In the same way atrophy develops in the absence of resistance; strength, determination, and vigor develop in the presence of resistance. The people who want to rule over men have made their big bet. Are you going to fold your hand and give in or are you going to re-raise and go all in?

If you have skills, leverage them to learn from others and build additional skills or share your skills to trade for the services and skills of those around you. Find people in your local area and build a network that can help you weather any storm. Start listing your skills and you will be astonished at the things you already know how to do that can prove very valuable. And where you think you may be lacking, seek the training, education, and skill building you need to get your game up as quickly as possible.

If you can teach skills you think men need to learn or you have knowledge men need to fulfill their destiny as this generation’s heroes, join us.

Be a part of the great awakening. It’s 5:45 am. Are you awake yet?

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