What she Says and How to Respond

What she Says and How to Respond

There are common things girls will ask you when you first meet them. In the game we are trying to project a sexual energy that still provides security and attraction.

When you answer these questions you need to makes sure your responses convey the three on some level. And that when you talk to her, your responses aren’t necessarily literal explanations, but they make her feel what you mean.

What’s important to remember that talking with women should be fun. Attraction is fun, security is serious, sexual is an innuendo.

Imagine is your kid sister asked you these questions—that’s about as serious as you should take this. Have fun, crack jokes, be sarcastic, exaggerate,

Why are you single?

Women are narcissists and they look at the world through their experience as the universal truth. A single man and a single woman are completely different.

A woman being single equals your classic sweat pants, tears, runny mascara, and “what’s wrong with me” with a mouth full of ice cream. Being unwanted and unlovable.

As a man your response needs to avoid being boring, sounding unwanted/unloved, not having female options. If you think you’re single because of some personal insecurity DEFININTELY avoid bringing that up.


  • Have you seen the bachelor? My girls haven’t decided when they want to fight it out for the final rose.
  • Because I haven’t found a girl that loves me as much as I love Ihop endless pancakes

Are you seeing anyone else?

Here she is trying to see how attractive you are to other women.

Women are hive minded creatures for good reason. A man that other women like provides value to the world—women don’t date losers. And if they find out you are, they will drop you like a bad habit.

A woman seeing that other women like you finds you more attractive because now she gets to be the girl with the guy everyone wants to be with, and who dudes want to be.


  • All of them.
  • Of course not, I'm a born-again virgin
  • I could never do that to you **Smile**

What do you do?

She wants to know what can you do for her (resources) based on what type of job you work.

This question should always be answered from a fun teasing/mystery standpoint instead of a seriousness. Life is boring, and a part of what makes men interesting to them is figuring out what value you bring to the world.

If you’re the man who dresses nice, has a great presence, and well respected, women want to know what type of person commands this type of energy.

A woman’s imagination is your greatest weapon. Have fun with it.


  • I take care of my people.
  • I teach kids how to shape their world to their liking
  • I’m a bank robber, but only during the day
  • Flirtatious

Does that normally work for you?

This is one that has caught me off guard more than I care to mention.

It’s a difficult one, when in the flow of conversation, to know how to keep the conversation light, fun, while avoiding being disingenuous. Especially because women will typically ask this question after you have moved past attraction, and are trying to be a little more serious and sexual with your linguistics.

Like I said I the beginning, your responses are about what you can make her feel, not what you literally say.

When responding to this question, it's about putting her in the place to stay and play or to run. This is a sexually charged question, as such, it must be met with sexual energy back. Stumbling through this while avoiding sexuality, makes you look sexually scared to escalate.


  • I suppose we will find out later wont we
  • *lock eyes* looks like it's working now *smile*

You're Rude

Shit test to see if you will let her knock you off your square. That’s it. Will you stand up to someone challenging your frame or will you fold and supplicate to her frame.

A wise man once said “If a can’t trust you to stand up to her, how is she suppose to trust you with the relationship to stand up to others?”

This is where a classic agree and amplify goes by with a lot of funniness.


  • I learned in the 3rd grade to be mean to the girls you like?
  • Why haven’t you stopped smiling then?

How Old Are You?

I’m still figuring this one out from a value add/minus on a experience level analysis. I know what others “say” but I want to speak on something having tested and understanding it from a practical utility—I do not have that yet.

Sub 27 dating women under 27:
Women enjoy dating people their age from a “fun” standpoint. They know you are not the successful man you will be at 35, so they won’t necessarily hold your current lack of success against you.

It’s largely unimportant if you are older than the girl. If she is older than you in this range, or over 30 herself, expect some “awe baby” like comments.


  • Yea and it’s time to breast feed—said in irritation like you are trying to get her to leave
  • Sureeeeee, I bet if I hit you with the tickle-shark you’ll laugh like a baby too
  • Baby? I'm a foot taller than you, I could eat you
  • Yes and I’m here from the old folks home to make sure you don’t get lost

You’re north of 30 dating down:
Will initially look at you a little more seriously and critically. 12+ years since removed from college, a woman expects to see some life progress. This is where I am at right now figuring out.

However, it is something you definitely can use to direct the conversation to something else. I will say, if the woman ends up being 30-31, or close to your age, ***thus far*** it seems to be a plus.


  • I’m immortal
  • How old do I look? **Fun conversation piece if you know you look mature, but young
  • Old enough to make you my girlfriend or mistress. Which do you prefer?


  • Some things she will say are comments, not questions or complaints. You don’t have to answer or acknowledge some of the things she will say to you.
  • Answering too many of these questions from girls as jokes= friendzone, too many sexually= creepy, and too many seriously= "nice to meet you".

Within the game and the conversation between you and a girl you like is what you can make her feel with your answers.

These are some “canned” lines (canned material), but you need to be experimenting and cultivating your own responses congruent to who you are. And who you want to be.

As I have said before, learning game is a failing upwards process. You are going to have to go out there, say shit, and get rejected to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.

Get out there, play the game, and discover your playerism.

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