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No Woman Should Have To Pay Bills

If you're not paying her bills she's not your woman.

Only high-value men will understand this.

Here's the truth: women don't want to work. Some women want to work but do not enjoy obligatory work. Their idea of being a career woman is not a desire but a necessity. Every woman desires a particular lifestyle and if they have to work to get it, they will.

In some aspects, many career women are more ambitious than average men.

The average man is complacent and content with a mediocre apartment, PS5, and enough money to throw at OnlyFans to satisfy his sexual desires.

His dopamine receptors have been abused by artificial means. His reward centers are satisfied with synthetic accomplishments. Ambition doesn't exist in his world because of these conditions. He could never understand paying a woman's bills because he can barely pay his own.

Women don't want to date you they want to date your lifestyle.

What lifestyle are you creating that would welcome a high-value woman? The average man does not design his life to achieve the maximum output and therefore could never formulate a plan that manifests a life of royalty.

High-value men formulate grand schemes to rise to the upper echelon of society. The spaces they create are decorated with women. For them, a woman is complementary or ornamental. Beautiful women are signs of accomplishments. They show his friends how hard he's worked.

No man works hard to share his woman with the world.

Once a young man becomes a high-value man he would not tolerate a woman with a boss. In his world, he is his woman's only boss. Imagine guts, sweat, and tears shed only to watch your woman get dolled up only to prance around another man's office while he gives her marching orders.

Then, after she's exhausted herself for the day, she returns home and removes everything that made her attractive when she left the house only to look frumpy and tired. This is NOT the American dream.

With social media and the prevalent attention economy, that's quickly growing, many women rely on their looks as a backup plan. They build large social media followings on TikTok and Instagram. Some hide behind yoga or fitness as a means to sell their body for attention. But they are only a rung under an OnlyFans chick. This is how they hedge their bets.

If your woman is sharing her body with the world she's hedging her relationship bets. She's caught a fish but she's left bait and fishing nets to catch more...just in case. Her next boyfriend is in her DMs. She's already picked out her next prey. She's "faithful" but in her mind, she must do what's best for her future.

There's a lifestyle she desires and you're not going to get in the way of that.

A man who pays the bills calls the shots.

Women don't want to thirst trap on social media. They want to have children, sunbathe and eat at expensive restaurants. They want to work on passion projects with no pressure to make them profitable. Many will gladly delete their social media once a man meets their needs and desires.

Women WANT to give up control of their life. They hate the pressure of modern society to "keep up." The rat race is stressing and aging her. Disney has conditioned her to submit to "Prince Charming."

A woman who pays her own bills can’t possibly be an ideal wife and mother.

Chad Lemoine

Besides, a woman who pays bills has too much weight on her opinions. If it's a girls' night out and she pays her bills, you can't stop her. The same goes for girls' trips where infidelity is also abundant.

Women who pay their own bills are like women who vote. Surely women should have the right to vote but look where it has led us. Women have become pawns for Marxists because their emotional strings are easily tugged on. For proof, simply look at the demographics of modern American protests.

The failure of men to dominate their households has led us down a dark road where women have too much power. Feminine energy is like salt. You only need a little bit. Add too much and you ruin the dish.

If we are to take back this great nation of America, then men must domesticate women again. We have to pull her out of the corporate board rooms and of social media.


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