Sad Business Woman

Women Suck at Business

No apologies here on this claim.

It's true.

Are there many women who succeed at entrepreneurship and business? Sure.

But they are in the extreme minority.

(Entrepreneurs are a minority)

So, why do women suck at entrepreneurship? It's the same reason most wannabees suck at entrepreneurship. Women simply suffer from it most.

Before I tell you why noobs suck at business, allow me to vent.

For a chick who's in shape and looks fairly decent, it's not hard at all to grow a social media following. All you have to do is show up daily. You don't even need any talent.

How hard is it to wake up, get cute, take some pics/videos, and post?

It can't be that hard. But for women, even the most beautiful, this is extremely difficult!

However, men actually have to use their brains.

Women have it easy!

So, what is it that women suffer from that makes them suck at entrepreneurship? What is it that stunts the progress of most wannabe entrepreneurs?

They can't get out of their own head!

Self-doubt, fear of judgment, and procrastination will eliminate them from "success eligibility."

Here's a common example:

Some noob wants to start a YouTube streaming podcast. And she hasn't started yet because she doesn't like her background or microphone or camera quality or some other non-factor that won't hinder her success.

Here's the unapologetic truth...

Nobody is going to listen to episode one of your podcast. NOBODY! So, the quality doesn't matter much. Do you want to have great audio? Sure. But not having a $500 microphone should not stop you from launching.

"Done is better than perfect."

Hotep Jesus

Women are so concerned with how people view them that they never actually put anything out to be judged.

Anyway, if you need that "how to" spark of insight to create quick success for your venture I wrote you a manual.

I can give you the framework but you have to do the work.

It's right here.

Thank me after your first $100,000.

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