3 Simple Ways to Make American Family Lifestyle Great Again in 2022

3 Simple Ways to Make American Family Lifestyle Great Again in 2022

American families are on to a new challenge in 2022, as making America great again takes a turn this decade in family values, lifestyle and decision making.

It is commonly known that making resolutions in the new year for a new goal is limiting and endurance to maintain it barely makes it to the second month. But not you!

You are World Class and have built the stamina to withstand any pandemic life can throw your way. A transformer.

Your ultimate source of mastery begins with self and at home.

Changing government outcomes have proven to be a failed mission, unless you found transformation in your last voting cycle.

Whatever the view is for a half glass of water, seeing it empty or full is a choice.

Choose to be lead or lead yourself. Take responsibility and take charge or blame the government for your woes.

While there is no one magic formula and working on the little things is the ultimate secret to the secret that doesn't exist about success, some points here can be helpful as you ponder and reflect on the past year leaping into the new.

We compiled our top 3 basics to start to make your family lifestyle in America great again in 2022

1. Work on Yourself

A new year comes year after year, with or without you. So does winter, spring and fall. The only difference between this year and last is YOU!

Evaluate your past to learn about yourself from what you did and ask yourself : “Did I do the best I could?”

What do you read, listen to and where do you spend your time the most? How is your communication improving?

What do you say to yourself and what are the words you use at home, at work or in your social circles

To improve your communication, study communication.

To increase your income, act on building new income streams.

To keep a lady you want to thrive with, study women.

To have better security for your business, study security or hire an expert. Though do your own due diligence and comprehend the lingo and basics of managing your assets.

There is an abundance of information and proof of work from other successes and failures across history of humanity to learn from.

So you divert energy from disbelief that your life sucks to focus on limitless possibilities beginning with typing in Google or Youtube search box to get started. And of course, taking that first step to materialize your word.

And while the pandemic may try to discourage gatherings, observe who you are being this holidays and make it a great one!

2. Make a Plan and Be Decisive

A wish is left to wander with the wind, your goals ought to have a plan to help you navigate your ship in the ocean of life.

Indecisiveness can lead to what you would think are accidents.

Have one, two or at the most three BIG goals for the year. Goal setting is for everything, from family, new income streams to sound money and how to break free from your old cycles of wrong girlfriends which can bring you farther ahead to your desired destiny.

Are you trying to do the same thing you did last year?

Invest in your self, have a mentor and in the long run you may save time and money. Time to be with loved ones and things which matter to you the most.

Keep things simple and go back to basics - be consistent.

3. Be Intentional for The American Child and Youth

The young people are the future and we all have a hand in shaping that future, directly or indirectly.

For parents, guardians and grand parents, biological or adoptive, fostered or self-assigned, you may not have “control” control in federal, fiscal or municipal decisions and regulations. However, your American freedom can be exercised by your decision in how you choose to educate your child and want to raise your family.

Whether it is a montesorri, chartered or public school system, the pandemic has taught us how to adapt, and the hope is you are a quick adapter and proactive planner by now.

Want to take this to the next level? Homeschooling is for the bold and genuinely invested parents looking to pour unto their children and develop responsible free-thinking citizens.

It takes a village to raise a child, so find your tribe or start building one.


Hotep Nation is launching a homeschooling program in 2022 designed by experienced homeschooling parents with successful track records to duplicate the model for American households looking to make homeschooling great again.

This was driven by an influx of demand from parents across the United States looking for solutions to navigate through these uncertain times and raise the American child and youth with common sense.

So, should this be a cause you are passionate to help fuel the economy, donate to the homeschool program or any other grassroots that resonates with you to make a difference in your local community.

Life is too short to be little, as they say. It was too short for Nipsey, Chadwick and MJ. It sure was short for Kobe.

Appreciate the small stuff.

Whatever you choose to do, come back to Men Of Order better and bigger in a year than the day you're in today.

Dance or be danced to the grave in style.


To a brighter future.

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