We ought to hand porn stars like Brandi Love the "conservative" label? Yes or no?

We ought to hand porn stars like Brandi Love the "conservative" label? Yes or no?

Porn star Brandi Love


Some days ago, Adult film star Brandi Love was kicked out of TPUSA's political conference. On the basis that she's a porn star at a kids' event. She had a VIP ticket and all! TPUSA is an organization that has a history of revoking tickets. Maybe, they don't do the proper cursory research on VIPS. Possibly, its just the optics. Afterwards, it sparked a huge debate online. Interestingly, I saw countless tweets about whether porn stars can be conservatives. So, it begs the question: What does conservative actually mean?

It's important to differentiate between conservative and right winger. Because words have meaning. A right-winger is just someone who aligns right. A conservative is both conservative and a right winger. However, a right-winger is not necessarily a conservative too. Obviously, the litmus test is their stance on certain issues. Surely, the Overton window has shifted... The side of the Constitution and family values has changed over the past five years. Truly, Donald Trump's MAGA movement has brought many people to the Right. Social deviants, white nationalists, and porn stars too.

Here's the Reality

Frankly, far too many conservatives are just sanctimonious pedants. They love to judge others but never help the people they criticize. I bet these same guys wacked off to Brandi's videos, yet are the main ones aggrieved by her presence. Sadly, these types excelled in school but not socially. The thirty year-old virgin types. Y'all know what I'm talking about! These same guys get into politics and do very lackluster. They lose elections repeatedly and struggle to gain traction with their causes.

That's because they undermine the power of human connection. They forgo human connection for academics and factoids. Hence why again, they repeatedly run for office and fail. If they have the balls to run in the first place. Porn stars of today understand the power of human connection. Literally, they have the know-how to make millions orgasm without even touching them. Let that sink in. However, pornography has existed for a long time. There's even hieroglyphics from ancient Kemet (Egypt) of illustrations of sex. Certainly, porn is far from new. But make no mistake, porn is still taboo.

"Turin Erotic Papyrus" circa 1150 B.C.

Porn Stars Conserve What?

What do porn stars conserve? That's a question I see and hear often. Truthfully, I have no idea. But, what do conservatives conserve besides liberalism?...Clearly, today's world, filled with secular humanism and moral relativism is proof enough. Whatever happened to free-market capitalism, conservatives? Nothing says free-market capitalism like capitalizing on the "horny singles" market by monetizing sex for public consumption.

Do we completely delineate "conservative" from Libertarianism or patriotic centrism? Conservatism is an ideology. It is not pigeonholed to any one party. Thus, no one party or its ideas has a monopoly on it. Not even the GOP, with all the family values in the world. Although, I will concede that most Conservatives do adhere to the family values dogma and religious premise of the GOP.

Porn & Morality Hypocrisy

Conservatives lament about "cancel culture". Constantly! So, the irony of them doing this is unlost on me. They bitch about Big Tech and cancel culture. Then, in the same breath they do this. You can't have it both ways! That's it. That's all.

Closing Remarks

Can someone possibly sit Brandi Love down and explain to her the meaning of "conservative"? She can be patriotic or a nationalist without being "conservative". Notably, neither of which are synonymous with conservative. Just like how in church, imperfect people strive to improve by learning better life guidelines, the Right should with open-minded people. Sinners come into the church to turn away from their wicked ways. The pastors aren't supposed to reject them!!

Instead, they teach them better. Remember, Jesus Christ hung out with the prostitutes and tax collectors! Who are we to judge? Moreover, there's also an element of hypocrisy here. Albeit, a private affair, Trump famously cheated with a porn star, Stormy Daniels! He even bragged on camera about "grabbing women by the pussy". So, why the double standard? The rules only seem to apply for certain people.

Warning: However, there's a catch-22. If the GOP becomes a big tent party, it will become obsolete. A party of freaks and prudes alike with no standards or barriers to entry is futile. So, the moral of the story is 1.) One can be a right-winger without technically being a conservative because the terms aren't mutually exclusive 2.) Conservatism is an ideology and one not monopolized by the GOP. 3.) Stop judging this woman because we all have a past.

"Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future."

-Oscar Wilde
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