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3 Common MetaMask Scams To Watch Out For

MetaMask is one of the most popular software wallets for Ethereum-based tokens. Scammers like to use unique ways to steal funds from rookie investors. So let's look at some common MetaMask scams and how to protect yourself.


Phishing is the most common MetaMask scam. Scam emails related to MetaMask will almost always be about urgency. "Verify your wallet, or your account will be suspended."

There will be a link in the email with a fake login site. Investors that then click the link get taken to a fake login site and are tricked into putting in their seed phrase.

After they put in the seed phrase, they are redirected to the actual website. But now, the hacker has access to their wallet.

3 Common MetaMask Scams to Watch Out For phishing seed phrase

The easiest way to tell if a MetaMask email is fake is to check the sender's address. Look for any typos and look at everything after the @ sign.

If the email ends in @yahoo.com or @gmail.com, it's probably a scam. MetaMask is an American company so you shouldn't see anything from them besides a .com address.

If you think your account might be at risk, log in to a separate tab and check for yourself. Don't click, use your own link.


Sweeping scams assign a script to a portion of a wallet where pending transactions are stored.

If a hacker can figure out what wallet the crypto is going to, they can sneak in and redirect it somewhere else.

These MetaMask scams can only happen if a hacker has access to your seed phrase.

There are sketchy Dapps out there. To protect yourself, make sure to research all the sites your MetaMask wallet is connected to.

When you're done with a Dapp or exchange, unlink your wallet.

3 Common MetaMask Scams to Watch Out For sweeping attacks

Clipboard Hacking

Many wallets and exchanges, including MetaMask, allow investors to copy wallet addresses with one click. This makes transferring tokens easier.

Unfortunately, scammers like to take advantage of this. Clipboard hacking is an attack that copies a bad link to a computer's clipboard. The link is usually a trick to install spyware.

The spyware is well-hidden. It will automatically hijack the clipboard and scan for wallet addresses.

If it finds one, it will replace it with the hacker's address. Noob investors hit paste thinking they are sending it themselves, but they're sending it to the hacker.

You can slow down clipboard hacking with a good anti-virus client. Your anti-virus client should be able to find common malware, let you know, and delete it before it's too late.

Also, this type of trick only works on people in a hurry. Always triple-check your addresses before confirming any transaction.

Wrapping Up

Stay vigilant with phishing emails. Don't click, use your own link!

Verify all exchanges and Dapps linked to your MetaMask wallet. And unlink your wallet from them as soon as possible.

Before sending a transaction, make sure that it's actually your wallet address. And pair your device with a solid anti-virus program to protect your funds.

Be sure to educate yourself on some other crypto scams out there.

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