Desantis reeling after failure to launch with Twitter birds flying around his head. Trump smiling.

Trump Pounces on DeSantis' Failure to Launch

A momentary Twitter Spaces glitch delayed Ron DeSantis' "historic" announcement, but it was just enough weakness for the Trump Army to attack.

Ron DeSantis scheduled to launch his campaign as a 2024 Presidential Candidate on Twitter using the platform's popular Spaces feature. When the moment finally arrived, the audience was greeted with glitchy pauses, silence, and crashes. Trump's team didn't miss a beat.

Woefully, Elon Musk named the Spaces "Prepare to Launch".

Twitter quickly fixed the issue, but the delay was enough. Following Ron DeSantis' announcement, all that was trending was "Failure to Launch" and #DeSaster. The 2024 meme war was officially underway!

Many on the Right, such as Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro, saw Ron DeSantis as a welcome reprieve from Trump's histrionics. They liked his clear-spoken policy and substantive rhetoric.

The event didn't impress everyone. Many saw DeSantis' choice of platform not as "historic" but as his advisors settling. Knowing he couldn't fill an arena, or generate live-setting enthusiasm, critics claim DeSantis' team decided to go virtual and spin it as "historic" to avoid low-energy optics. It did not help that his speech sounded like it might have been co-authored by ChatGPT and that the event itself more closely resembled an NPR segment than a campaign rally.

As for substantive - that all depends. Ron DeSantis spoke about his anti-woke agenda and his war in Florida with Disney. He smacked Biden's inflationary policies. But major issues the presidency faces today - such as the geopolitical disaster in Ukraine - were not even mentioned. Nor was foreign trade, China, or globalism.

For hours after the announcement, #DeSaster trended on Twitter. Unfortunately for the candidate, no matter how his allies tried to spin the metrics, they couldn't nab a positive trend.

With the claim that just over 2.7 million tune-ins to DeSantis's announcement prove excitement over the governor's candidacy, how come they could not rally a single favorable trending topic for the Florida-born Republican?

2024 Meme War Begins

Leading the Also-Ran DeSantis beat down was none other than the man himself. First, it was just some typical Orange Man mocking.

Then it was a brutal comedy Instagram Reel positioning the Florida governor as the globalist candidate, supported by Dick Cheney, George Soros, the FBI, and, yes, even the Devil himself.

DeSantis supporters were quick to claim these prove a DeSantis candidacy "terrifies" Trump. But 2015/2016 meme war alums know that Trump comes out swinging, hits hard, and never stops hitting. He keeps raining down punches until his opponents are either neutered (ask Mitt Romney) or accept defeat and bend the knee (just ask Ted Cruz's wife!)

Rumor has it Trump will return to Twitter in the coming days as a response to DeSantis's use of the platform. That is sure to be entertaining if nothing else.

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