First Date in a Nightclub

A First Date Costs $1,000 minimum in 2023

If you're not spending $1,000 on a first date you don't really like her!

If you're not paying $1,000 for a first date I have two qualifying questions for you.

Is the woman worth at least a $1,000 investment?

If she's not, why are you on a date with her?

The second question is, "Are YOU going to have fun?"

Dating is risky.

What does a first date look like?

Each party strategically architects the perfect outfit and perfume for the date to send the right messages.

You whisk her off to a restaurant, hope you have some good food, take her home, close your eyes, and hope you get a kiss.


Some of you savages only want her for her body.

Less than half of you will actually be presented with the opportunity to fornicate with Jezebel.

To you I say, be better.

But here's the real game.

Social media has made it so that you can communicate with nearly any woman on the planet.

You can genetically select a partner from a large population.

Why would you do anything local?

One break up, and now she's busting your car window in your job's parking lot.

Date women you can walk away from!

By dating women who live a significant distance from you, you're able to keep enough distance in case there isn't chemistry and enough distance to KEEP the chemistry.

Besides, distance is a hop skip, and a jump away if you're a "HIGH-VALUE MAN."

In 2023, it's destination dates or nothing!

Does she really want you if she doesn't fly herself out?

You cover the rooms.

That's right ROOMS.

You get one for her and one for you.


Because you never want a woman shitting in your room.

Take that literally and figuratively.

Also, this is insurance in case there's no romantic chemistry.

And, to ensure her safety and privacy. Sharing a room is possible but risky.

There is that rare chance that people are different in person.

Anyway, on the outside, it looks like glitz and glamour.

But what she doesn't know is she's about to enter a pseudo-obstacle course.

In a three-day date, you can find out if she can swim, her reading proficiency, her public persona, morals, habits, and much more!

You never really know someone until you go on vacation with them.

Have you ever gone on vacation with a friend and found out you actually don't like them?

A $1000 date is cheaper than a six-month relationship.

Some of you rush into relationships with people and find out they are monsters AFTER THE FACT!

With a destination date, you can analyze relationship potential in 3 DAYS!

That's money in the bank!

A six-month relationship costs $10,000 MINIMUM

After you factor in time lost from hanging out with her, it's way over $10,000!

Besides, everyone is perfect on the first date.

The Cinderella Effect.

Every woman has it.

They can stay pretty all the way up until Midnight and then it fades.

Women have a social battery. On a full battery, they're the greatest person you've ever met.

But let her battery get low and THEN see what she's like. All people are like this.

If you've never seen her on a low battery then you don't know her.

This is how you attract high-value women.

Some men use low-quality women as ego boosters.

But if you have class and want high-value women, then you have to exclusively entertain high-value women.

High-value women WANT to pay for their own flights, CAN pay for their own flights, and WILL pay for their own flights if they have a genuine desire for you.

If she meets your 5 Agreements and you two connect romantically you don't have to say goodbye at the end of the night.

Can you even connect with someone in a short evening?

Keep your hundred-dollar, cheap experience with breadsticks and marinara if you want to be a low-value man.

She going to fall in love with your friend in Jamaica.

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