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How long does it take to become a genius?

Why does America lag behind the rest of the world in education? The issue is not the education system, although it is an absolute mess. The problem is much deeper and affects us long-term.

We cannot blame schools, teachers, or lack of resources. The problem isn't the government or the Illuminati. Although they certainly don't help.

The problem is the culture. The culture does not covet education.

A teacher mentioned that he has two kinds of students. Both are "black." One group of students excels and the other is hardly interested in learning. Those two groups are the American Black and the African Black. Can you guess which group excelled?

Why is there such a great difference? It starts in the home. One group of families demands educational excellence. The other does not know what educational excellence looks like. They've hardly seen any examples of it.

Some say that conservatism won't work because it wants to return to tradition and others say we are in a new day and need to look forward and create the new. I say, "Ain't nothing new under the sun."

Something was correct about how families operated only 70 years ago. There were many flaws but with reflection on their culture, we can see how they produced better families. I believe that now is the time to revert back to tradition, with a few upgrades. The solution is a hybrid but tradition is the catalyst.

How To Reach Genius Level

Everyone wishes they were knowledgeable but not enough to actually do something about it.

The sad part is, that it doesn't take much.

What if I told you that you could reach genius level in the shower? Would you believe me?

You should!

Also, that depends on if you like to take warm long showers (like myself). If you take quick showers then you might need to add a bit more to your genius-building schedule.

So, how long does it take to reach genius level?

About 15 minutes a day.

Can you find 15 minutes in a day?

Most people rather spend their free time scrolling like a brainless zombies on social media. They don't covet education. Their culture has been corrupted!

But becoming a genius actually takes the same amount of lazy effort!

Instead of watching Hoe-hulk or whatever it is that the plebs watch these days, watch a documentary or listen to a biography on YouTube.

You don't even have to listen intensely or try to memorize everything all at once.

I impress people all the time with my knowledge simply because I immerse my subconscious mind with information. Many times it's from something I learned while in the shower.

All you need is that one fun fact a day to expand your knowledge base. Doing this over and over again will compound over time. It's like reading my masterpiece "Dominate Twitter." You don't need to implement all of the rules, tips, or tricks all at once. Huge influencers have stated that their use of only one tip has caused their engagement to boom!

Thank me later...

(Now, this won't make you a genius like Einstein but compared to the rest of the Americans who fail to produce a lucrative culture, you'll look like one.)

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