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How to Raise Strong Sons

With masculinity on the decline raising strong sons is more important now than ever!


Discipline is doing what you have to do even when you don't want to do it. A man without discipline is destined for ruin. He should not expect wealth or women to exist abundantly in his life. Men without discipline become feminists and communists; two of the most destructive ideologies in the history of humanity.

Men without discipline complain about their problems. Men with discipline tackle their problems. The difference between real masculinity and toxic masculinity centers around discipline. Toxic masculinity manifests in the form of abuse; either abuse of oneself or abuse of others. Abuse is an emotional reaction to "insecurity" that stems from a lack of discipline.

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The first indicator that a man lacks discipline can be seen in the quality of his health. Men that are underweight or overweight tend to lack discipline. If you want to audit your discipline look at your eating habits. Are you choosing foods that are good or only taste good? Can you say no to those cravings and say yes to the food that will contribute to better health?

Money is another indicator of discipline. Where you find money problems you often find a lack of discipline. Males who struggle with discipline find their days are wasted with procrastination and masturbation. Scrolling on social media devours their time and monopolizes their focus.

If you remove discipline excuses take its place. Excuses often spawn in the form of blame. Excuse makers blame everyone and everything but themselves for their problems. These are powerless males.

Power begins where accountability starts. If you want POWER begin to blame everything negative in your life on yourself. This is the inflection point of positive transformation. When you blame others you give them your power.


We have entered the participation trophy era where every boy wins a trophy regardless of his performance. This teaches boys that a society will accept them no matter how they perform. This practice teaches boys how to live based on a LIE.

Every boy must learn how to handle a loss. He must understand the dynamics of competition. He must know what it feels like to see someone achieve more than him and aspire to be better. A boy must experience to grind of practice and training. This is where a man is built. There are few greater feelings than seeing results after a grind.

Many of the cases of depression among boys that have plagued American society come from insecurity. Practice and grind destroy insecurity. Confidence forged from training cannot be taken from a man. It can only be fueled.

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Think about a boy in the participation trophy era who has never had to deal with a loss, who grows to be an adult male and life slaps him in the face with a loss. Because this is new to him he may collapse under pressure. But a boy who has taken many losses and risen again mocks any loss in his adult years because he knows he will rise again!

A man is not a man until he has been punched in the face. This soft generation of males is a result of never being punched in the face or kicked in the stomach. This is why boys should participate in a sport that involves physical contact. A boy must learn how to deal with pain. He must learn how to experience pain and then walk it off without a hug from mommy.

If a society is to create strong men then they must prioritize competitive sports for boys.


If discipline and money don't ruin a man then women will...if you are not careful. Many great men have fallen because of women. This may come in the form of predatory practices like gold-digging and clout-chasing.

Many women will date a man for his money and/or social status. But shallow requirements like these are not easily satiated. No matter what you give a woman she will always want MORE. And if you are unable to provide MORE she will move on to her next mark.

This is why a father must be a great judge of character and teach this skill to his son. The best way to be a good judge of character is to have a great character yourself. A man should expect his woman to meet or exceed his own excellence and desire for excellence. More on relationships here.

Teach your son to treasure experiences and not things. Teach him to value accomplishments and not things. Teach him to value ideas and not things. You can do this by revealing the value of these to him. When he does not recognize characteristics in others he must be taught to avoid them at all costs.

Teach your son that women outnumber him so there are more of them than there are him. Teach him that when you take away all of the undisciplined and poor males then women have a small selection which makes him rare and valuable. Teach him that he is the prize. Teach him that women should fight for his love and not the other way around because it is a woman that must secure a man for her future as a man was built to secure his own future.

Teach him how to say "NO" because this is the word that every woman must hear. Because if he says "NO" in the wrong manner he may be met with violence. However, if he says "NO" if the right manner he will be met with respect.

Teach him to value respect and not affection because women hide intentions with affection. Love can be feigned with affection but respect could never be faked.

Teach your son this and he will be a great man.

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