Sudden Death of Kevin Samuels, Manosphere

With the Sudden Death of Kevin Samuels, Where does the Manosphere Go?


This blog won’t necessarily be about Kevin Samuels (notorious stylist and online relationship guru) nor his death as much as the messages and biggest takeaways from his videos. I waited a while, so as to not capitalize on a dead man’s death and the surrounding buzz. I’ll also dive into why he was so popular and the void that now leaves within the manosphere; a community of aggrieved men with a bone to pick with modern 21st century women (many with good reason). You’ll find these shady characters on YouTube, blogs, and websites on this worldwide Web.

These men specifically gripe about the vast amount of women with unrealistic expectations; who yearn and burn for a 6’6”, six-figure salary high-value man yet they can’t cook, or clean. Only offer pussy and that’s it. Not quite the Suzy homemaker, huh? Kevin specifically discussed issues pertinent to the Black community; a community often ignored and forgotten in the broader discussions that America has. Feminism (introduced by white liberal women) and thot culture has poisoned the mind of many young women. All they care about is “making a bag”, OnlyFans, and tricking some perpetually horny guys. This culture is deliberate and delivered through our movies, music, and media. These are the drivers of this ever-present culture of meaninglessness.

Toxic Culture

It’s even convinced so many of us to kill off our own generation which has left our population growth stagnant for decades. I don’t mean just through abortion (what does it matter if you’re only pro-life when the life is in its infancy?). But also through crime, drugs, and murder. Through a culture of meaninglessness, things that used to matter become viewed as “antiquated” or “traditional BS”. Things and ideals like commitment to family, respect, and community. I mean, singers in the 60’s used to talk about real love, companionship, and having a life partner. They talked about sex too back then, but it was mostly in a tasteful, subtle, and (excuse the pun) sexy way. Now you turn on a song and every single lyric is about pussy and dick. No room for imagination! Social media censors everything except porn. It’s like IQ eugenics has been conducted on this society.

Notably, the void that Kevin Samuels’ death has caused will be felt for years to come. Maybe a student of his game will come to succeed him. Through his quick wit, style, and straight-to-the-point delivery he created an online following and fuss of both haters and admirers. In reality, people just hated that he told the truth, unapologetically. Feminists (I use the word lightly) hate Kevin and even celebrated upon news of his death. After all, they hate men. They don’t seek to advance the rights of women, only to compete with and try to dominate men to show how equal they are. (Just think about those crazy white chicks with the rainbow-colored hair you see sometimes online).

High-Value Man

Kevin Samuels often preached about being a high-value man. “What is a high-value man?” you might ask. He’s a man on a mission. A man on the move and has got his

shit together. I think of the 5 W’s of leadership that Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia uses: 1.) Well-dressed 2.) Well-read 3.) Well-spoken 4.) Well-traveled 5.) Well-balanced. . So many modern women (men too for that matter) opt for education and career in lieu of a family. This begs the question what exactly do we value now? Some may say sex, drugs, and “getting a bag”. The dregs of society has fallen for a forced online gender war (I rarely see this same tension in-person) and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Toxic Modern Culture

In this particular video Kevin is telling the lady he nicknamed “Juco” that because she is a certain age, a baby mama, and wanting a high-value man with all these bogus set requirements, it’s not realistic. Moreover, Kevin argues that a high-value man can't bring a woman with a tattoo on her breast to the spaces where high value men and their women congregate? Even though she thinks she’d be selling by bringing her wishes down to reality. Trust me, she’s not unique. There’s many women out here with the same mentality.

One thing our culture promotes is education. Some letters behind your name can definitely create a new identity easily and does foster a sense of accomplishment and individualism. One that is diametrically opposed to settling down and all about career. A piece of paper on the wall is the benchmark of success and fulfillment for many modern folks as opposed to family for example like back in the day. Not just the family you create, but the one you’re born into. Maybe we've reached a point of no return.

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