Male Feelings = Survival of the Species

Male Feelings = Survival of the Species

Listening to your feelings makes you soft.

This is a trick to get you out of listening to your masculine instincts. There is a difference between “feelings” and “emotions”.

As a man we are taught to ignore our feelings, and do whats best for others, while women are taught to listen to their feelings and do whats best for themselves. But with in each gender, is the programming that continues the survival of humanity.

  • Men: Survival of the species
  • Women: Survival of the organism

Taping into your feelings as a male allows you access to your instincts. Instincts that have been primed for thousands of years towards the survival and protection of humanity. So we must ask ourselves:

"How do I feel about this?" and/or “Does this make me happy?”

And just like the conflation between feelings and emotions, happiness is a placeholder for self-fulfillment.

Tapping into your feelings as man will lead to the best decision making you will ever make. We are going to go over 3 reasons why you need to tap into your feelings and put your happiness above all else.

1.Be Selfish with your Feelings

A man MUST put their own happiness at the forefront of their decision making. No one will care about your happiness the way you care about your happiness. And no one will understand your happiness the way you will.

Female instincts are designed to ensure the survival of the human race. Their selfishness ensures female survival, and that of the offspring they carry. Their ability to tap into their feelings makes sure the next generation is delivered.

Within male feelings/happiness, is the well being of the species—the people we love and care about, and the communities we live in. The good of the specices is naturally incased in our own personal happiness.

As such, when we sacrifice our happiness for the benefit of others, we operate suboptimally, and our care for the spieces is similarly impacted. And the happier we make ourselves with our decision making, the more optimized we are in our care to protect and fight for our spieces.

2.Feelings = Instincts

Our feelings are nothing more than an electric neurological signal that is aligned with your genetic code.

As children, this alignment with our feelings is stomped out of us in favor of us becoming monetizable drones. Young men are taught to second guess themselves, take the safe way out, and become beasts of burden. Among other things, doing this makes men more controllable, passive, unfulfilled, and dependent. All these things are necessary for elites to rule 165 million males.

Denying your instincts, is likely a large reason in 2017 the suicide rate was 3.5-times higher for men than women. And middle aged white men make up 70% of all suicides in that year. Depression and suicide is literally your DNA telling you:

“I don’t like this reality I live in. CHANGE IT!”

And with everything in modern male reality teaching suppression of one's instincts, the DNA that tells us best how to survive, suicide is the natural outcome.

If men woke up, it would change everything about society: voting trends, employment vs self employment, reliance on government systems, forming of local communities (tribes), etc. Men would realize in their happiness that they can provide for themselves, pool resources with their peers, and take care of each other and their loved ones. There would be less need for the slavery security provided by the elites.

Leaning into your feelings is the way we we’re meant to live as men. But that is not in the best interest of our overlords.

3.Master Decision Making

Going off the above #2 point. The suppression of our instincts, then using our analytical mind for the betterment of society is the modus operandi used to control men

When you start tapping into your feelings, you will notice that a lot of your decision making does not provide a level of fulfilment/happiness. The next question is “why”. The answers to your why will help you begin to align your decision making with your own personal happiness.

Analytical mind --> apply feelings/instincts

This is a very important lens to acquire as you reengage the value you provide to the world through the lens of what makes you happy. As you exercise that muscle, you will begin to apply your instincts as the primary analysis of a situation.

Feelings/instincts --> apply analytical mind

And finally, mastery over both with create the ultimate congruency over your decision making:

  • Deciding what your feelings tell you then creating an analytical decision from those feelings
  • Creating an analytical decision and discerning what your feelings tell you about your choices

Then determining what solutions derived from the two inverted processes align with the most congruency.


When you tap into your happiness, you are tapping into thousands of years of DNA. Encased in that DNA, is the ability to deliver maximum value, protection, and security to ensure the continuation of humanity. But you must remember what to ask yourself:

"How does this make me fee?" and/or "Does this make me happy".

What you are doing for others. How others treat you. You're discussion making. Who you go out of your way for.

Everything you do: Does it fulfill you or make you happy? And as you exercise this muscle, prepare for the rapid acceleration of not only your own personal accomplishments, satisfactions, and peace, but that of those around you.

You are one of the few men on the planet, literally following their genetic programming by following your own happiness.

Male Feelings = Survival of the Species

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