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2 Reasons a Man Must Homeschool His Son

The anti-Marxist revolution begins with homeschooling. Here are two major reasons you need to consider this.

Why is America the way it is? The cold harsh truth is, it lacks masculinity. The family has been separated which was the dream of Karl Marx. And your son's mind and body are a Marxist's best weapon.

Female Teachers

If you send your son to a public, private, or charter school, the odds that he will be taught by a woman are higher than Hunter Biden. If a dog is raised by cats it will try its hardest to mimic the cat. It is inevitable that your son will pick up traits from his female teacher.

And this is where the feminization of man begins.

A female teacher's response to aggravation will teach your son how to deal with aggravation like a woman. Her natural tendencies and proclivities will rub off on your son. His subconscious mind is powerless when it comes to conditioning.

If a woman is to teach a boy she must be willing to nurture his masculine nature. She must understand that her influence in his raising must be minimal or she will create an emotional sissy boy. A female teacher must be trained in masculinity before she is allowed to serve as a professor in a boy's life.

Female teachers tend to treat boys the same as they do girls. They try to make boys conform to the school environment as girls do. But boys respond to environments much differently than their gender counterparts. If this is not recognized then you will damage the boy's growth. It's like fitting a round peg into a square hole.

A female teacher must be trained in the boundaries of boyhood. They must learn the difference between unacceptable behavior and a boy simply being a boy. Too often boys are punished for being boys simply because a woman cannot tolerate or harness the execution of his masculinity. Only a man can recognize these distinctions innately because he was once a boy and is now a man.

A man cannot teach a woman how to be a woman and a woman cannot teach a man how to be a man. The school system does not recognize this. Boys should be taught by straight masculine male teachers.

What is often perceived as disruptive behavior is actually the expression of raw leadership. This fearless behavior is a sign of the boy's natural tendency to lead. But when he expresses this trait he is punished. This is how boys are taught to NOT be men. They are taught early that being a leader is bad.

female teacher teaching teenage boy

Suppression of leadership is why we find so few leaders today and we often find activist movements led by women; because the natural leaders have been mentally neutered.

"Send your son to school to be taught by a woman and the school will return to you a daughter."

Hotep Jesus


It is already apparent that your son will be conditioned by his teacher, but he will also be conditioned by his environment, like other students. The poor choices other students learn from their parents or lack of parenting will rub off on your son.

Sending your son to school is sending him into a feminine uncontrolled environment. There are way too many variables to trust your son will become the man you hope he needs to become. The mantras of other families will infiltrate the mind of your son and sometimes you will begin to wonder why you feel like you no longer know him. You will begin to wonder "what's gotten into him?" The answer is other people and their decadent western ways.

A man is the product of his environment. Other boys and girls being taught by women create a cesspool of feminine sludge that begins to muddle a bog in the boy's subconscious mind. The confusion begins to overwhelm him and by the age of 18, he won't know who he is. He is now nothing more than a hodgepodge of lousy influences.

His judgment is imprecise. His thoughts are mucky and hazed. And his focus is shadowy. The chaos of the uncontrolled environment, which is sold as controlled, has produced a straw man or a paper tiger.

With such a nebulous framework produced in his subconscious mind, he is susceptible to multitudinous influences like drugs, wreckless sex, and imbecilic ideas like communism. He will seek to be accepted and do strange things like put on a dress to find his way in this Marxist society that has become of America.

A boy must exist in a controlled environment until he has been conditioned to know right from wrong in all of the major verticals of society, according to his father. He must understand the darkness of science, religion, politics, economics, and relationships before he is released into this Marxist country.

philosopher and teenage boy on mountain top

Rigorous training and conditioning of his mind to reinforce manhood and his role in life need consistency. You can train up your son on the weekends but once you send him to that institution of Marxist psychedelics they call a school, all will be for naught. He must be removed from that environment to shield him from the Marxist agenda that pervades America's schools and produces feminized men.

A boy goes to school and recites the pledge of allegiance to the United States of America. He knows it by heart. But what other pledges is he taught? Surely the boy deserves to learn and recite a creed that fosters responsibility and masculinity. When you join a martial arts school they make their students recite a creed. What is the creed your son recites for his allegiance to his family? Do you have one? This is the beginning of conditioning.

"If you do not brainwash your son a Marxist will."

Hotep Jesus

A boy must understand virtue and values. He must learn the definition of these terms and what they look like throughout history and what they look like in his life. He must learn how to create and protect them. Without virtue, a male becomes a wandering vagabond. And without values, a male becomes a slave to self-indulgence, debauchery, degeneration, debauchery, and demoralization.

Can every man homeschool his son and be his teacher throughout the day? No. But he must know the risks of not doing so and begin to make conscious decisions to protect his son from the omniscient Marxist indoctrination.

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