The Super Bowl Is A Distraction!

The Super Bowl Is A Distraction!

All Eyes on SoFi and SBLVI

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, the biggest distraction day of them all.

And while they are distracting you, they will also be programming you to buy all their trash and to believe whatever it is they want you to believe.

They do this all year long, they just crank the distract levels to a million for Super Bowl Weekend.

But they don’t play around, they’ve been ramping up the distractions for a few weeks running.

The Joe Rogan Distraction

Rogan has been talking to scientists, doctors, journalists, and other folks who are suspicious of the official narrative for months. Yet all of a sudden, the voices seeking to silence his are at a fever pitch all at the same time?

And now, they are bringing out the racism canard because Spotify won’t cave.

But why now? As states all over the country and countries all over the world are lifting restrictions and throwing in the towel on one of the biggest psyops in human history, they choose now to throw this temper tantrum?

Something is up. This is a distraction from some much bigger issues.

Is Putin going to invade the Ukraine? Do you really care?

The Ukraine Distraction

Is the big Rogan kerfuffle meant to distract us from the sound of war drums? I doubt it. There’s still plenty enough neocon to go around in America even after 20 years of pointless occupation in the Middle East.

They don’t need to distract from wars when most of America is still plenty bloodthirsty as long as the military industrial complex can conjure up a threatening enough enemy.

The Russians are scary. The Chinese are scarier.

Are you scared? Because you should be.

Why? Because they told you to be.

So why would they need to distract you from their heroic efforts to pretend to protect you from an enemy they fabricated?

No, all the saber rattling about Russia and the Ukraine is just another distraction. But from what?

Family Business

The Crack Distribution Month Distraction

Another great distraction last few weeks was news that the Biden administration had allotted significant sums of money for the distribution of “safe smoking kits” containing crack pipes.

Joe Biden said he did it to promote “racial equity” which is good because, not only is it Black History Month, but he needed to do something to win back all those people he turned into trans-racial, non-Black people for not voting for him.

While this made for tons of funny memes and a glaring display of the absolute joke of the war on drugs, it was largely a pointless distraction built to drum up arguments and fake controversy. Controversy over something that impacts practically none of the people who spent days on end arguing about it on social media.

Canadian truckers make a stand.

Trucker Protests - Distraction?

Maybe they’re trying to distract us from the trucker protest? I won’t go so far as to say that these protests are staged or that they are meant to be a distraction in themselves, but the way some folks are moving about around that situation is fishy to say the least.

It’s certainly plausible that the powers that be would prefer for us to divert our attention from that onto these other distractions.

But that can’t be the only thing we’re being distracted from. Can you think of it?

Are they cooking up some other big event to hypnotize the masses to consolidate even more power and resources?

Suspicious Sky-cloths. Decoy Draperies. Bogus Banners. Pretend Pennants. Truth-challenged Tapestries.

These are the terms we have to use to describe a certain kind of flag to maintain our ability to speak freely. The flags of the false kind.

And these are the types of events that are conjured to distract us from what is really being done in smoke-filled rooms or right under our noses.

Is there a suspicious sky-cloth in the making? And what might it be used to distract us from?


One of the things we have been witnessing right under our noses for months is the criminal destruction of the buying power of those green papers in your wallet. If you even have any.

But don’t let that stop you from spending hundreds of dollars on your Super Bowl party so you can stare blankly at the TV for five hours while they program you to buy even more useless garbage.

And while they are digitizing currency at a rate the printers at the mint could only dream of, they are making a full on assault on cryptocurrency as well. Do you know about Project Hamilton? If not, educate yourself.

But that’s not all they’re distracting us from.

And that brings us to why the Super Bowl is a monstrous trap and the king distraction of one of the greatest mechanisms for distraction in existence: The National Football League.

Let’s start with the fact that the Super Bowl itself, from the ceremonies, to the commercials, to the elaborate, exorbitant halftime show is one giant occult ritual designed to hypnotize viewers and extract power and resources from all the attention of those highly suggestible minds.

Don’t believe me? Tune in to our simulcast at 6 eastern where we’ll point out all of the diabolical and occult symbolism on display from the start of the game to the conclusion of the halftime show-LIVE!

But the Super Bowl is just the culmination of the seven month long distraction that is NFL football. How many Sundays have you wasted watching other people fulfill the culmination of their hard work and aspirations instead of working on your own?

Aquarian Anarchy isn’t falling for the nonsense

Instead of just canceling our show that airs every Sunday evening and scheduling a Super Bowl party and wasting the day away, we decided to make the most of the moment and educate our audience on the agendas at work in the big game.

How much money have you spent on tickets, gear, and tailgating food instead of investing that time in those resources in building your empire?

Rituals are important. They are vital, in fact, to creating the reality we want to see. Are you helping to fulfill someone else’s created reality or are you working to create your own?

Focus on yourself. Build your Kingdom. You’ve been living vicariously through all these distractions and seeking a savior to rescue you from the reality you’ve unwittingly created around yourself.

The savior and the fulfillment you seek is lying dormant inside you waiting to be awakened to fulfill its destiny.

Get to work. Make it happen!

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