The Sickness Machine

The Sickness Machine

I’ve been studying health and it’s related fields for a very long time. It seems the deeper you go into learning, the more questions you have. It’s like an onion, you peel back one layer, and there’s another underneath that is just as mystifying.

In my health journey, I’ve discovered just how stacked against us the odds are. The world at large is a bit different, but the United States takes the cake, so to speak. By and large, Americans are walking talking pharmaceutical laboratories. Garbage in one end and trash out the other. All the while our bodies break down and our minds go impotent.

Cancer rates, heart disease, autism, and many other diseases have skyrocketed in the last few decades. It’s now estimated that 40% of men and women will get cancer at some point in their lives. 40%!

Why is this happening?

There are many factors involved, but I think the most glaring and obvious is the chemical soup we all walk through each and every day of our lives. For a majority of people, a typical day looks like this:

Wake up, drink some juice, water with fluoride, coffee, soda, and eat a bunch of sugar in the form of cereals, pop tarts, or any other number of brain destroying toxic consumables. Perhaps you even stop on the way to work at McDonald’s and get a helping of food that contains over 1,000 lab created ingredients. This continues throughout the day. In addition, many will be taking medications to control the effects of this eating scenario, along with Tums, or some other sort of medication that controls the inevitable effects of this toxic sludge.

Most often this day will carry without any exercise. We drive everywhere in our cars, and typically the most we walk is from our car into the front door of Wal-Mart. We get home, eat some more garbage, start drinking beer, wine, or more sodas. Then finally settle down on the couch for some Netflix entertainment, noxious news briefs, or never-ending sports ball games.

I hope this isn’t you. But if you look around, you’ll notice this is the life of many of our fellow Americans. Why?

Money. Sick people create a lot of money for the companies who cater to this business of “health.”

You see, healthy people do not create profits for big-pharma, the medical-industrial complex, or the crap food industry. Healthy people eat simple, exercise, and spend very little time at the doctor or in the hospital. Thus they are not the target audience for this sickness machine. This machine lures people in with the promise of tasty sugary foods, the sedative of twenty-four hour entertainment, and the promise of medications that keep you operating. This creates a life-long customer for the sickness industry.

It’s never been more obvious than this past year we have spent in the “pandemic” of Covid-19. We have known for over a year now about this virus and how it behaves. It primarily effects people who are in the worst health. Vitamin D deficiencies, older populations, obesity, people with comorbidities, have all been effected by the virus the most. It has been quite clear that the better health one has been in, the less effected by the virus.

But what did we hear from the beginning? Stay inside, wear a mask, keep open the alcohol stores, keep watching Netflix. Shut down the gyms, beaches, pools, and playgrounds. Try to hang on as long as you can, because we have vaccines (more chemicals) on the way to be injected into your arms.

We heard not a peep about health, exercise, lifestyles, getting sunlight, taking Vitamins. How many lives could have been saved by giving Americans a diet plan, an exercise plan, and providing necessary vitamins and minerals? How many lives could have been saved by suggesting getting plenty of sunlight, fresh-air, and community? Too many, that’s why it wasn’t part of the plan. Dr. Fauci admitted near the end of 2020 that he did take Vitamin D supplements to protect against the virus. Why wasn’t this recommended for the general population?

The fact is, we are on our own. We have to take it upon ourselves to live a healthy life. We have to break out of the matrix and take control of our own destiny. No one is going to do it for us. There is so much propaganda and misinformation out there that it requires constant vigilance and awareness to not get sucked into the machine.

Take your health into your own hands. Exercise daily. Eat organic fruits, vegetables, and meats that aren’t full of hormones and chemicals. Drink lots of fresh, filtered water. Create, laugh, travel. Be in contact with your friends and families. Study, learn, and grow. Listen to great music. Have great sex. And enjoy a whiskey every now and again.

Health is happiness, and happiness is health. The sickness machine could carry on forever. It’s amazingly influential and expansive. But you have the power to extract yourself from it, and live life as humans were designed to do, directly from the land. Take control of your own destiny and that of your families. It starts with your own choices, then ripples out from there.

One person can’t destroy the entire machine, but as more and more people start to wake up and live healthier, happier lives, it has no choice but to implode on itself. It needs us, we don’t need it. May you enjoy life free from the grips of the web, while enjoying all the fruits that the Gods have provided.

Enjoy the Ride!

Andy Eversole, C.H.

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