The Tantric Male: Chapter 5 - Ritual

The Tantric Male: Chapter 5 - Ritual

Thoughts Create Reality

How we think about things, in large part, determines the course of our experience with them. Imagine someone walking down the street, looking down at all of the potholes, trash, and everything wrong. They are annoyed, agitated, and down. Now imagine someone walking down the same street looking up. They are feeling the sun on their face, nodding to the people as they walk by, grateful and enjoying life. These people are walking down the same street, but having completely different experiences based on their focus, thinking, and attention.

With Tantra, this process of attention becomes even more magnified. As you learn to come more into the present moment, without expectation or result orientation, the power of this mind state will surprise and delight you. The freedom of letting go of a desired result allows for all kinds of exploration and adventure.

Simplicity of Ritual

One way Tantra achieves this is through the power of ritual. Ritual may have some weird, negative, or esoteric connotations to some people. However, the definition of ritual is simply a “ceremonial act or action”. It’s designed to be a repeatable set of words, actions, or gestures, that prepare the mind and spirit for a certain activity. It could be as simple as praying before Thanksgiving dinner, tying your shoes a certain way, or your customary way of making coffee upon awakening.

There are all sorts of Tantric rituals that can be performed to accompany a practice. Meditations, massages, communication, incense and candle burning, can all serve the purpose. Thinking of ritual in these loose terms can be very beneficial, and can guide our focus, attention, and awareness powerfully into the present moment.

"Thinking of ritual in these loose terms can be very beneficial, and can guide our focus, attention, and awareness powerfully into the present moment."

Setting the Stage

For a ritual to have expansive power, it really helps to set the stage. If you will notice in Church, the military, the arts, or any sort of activity that conducts large amounts of rituals, the space is vitally important. It’s clean, organized, and everything that is part of the space has special purpose and meaning for the ritual. This sets the energy and form for the ritual to have maximum effect.

Tantric Exercise - Create Your Ritual Space

Think about your home and where you live. Where can you create a ritual space for Tantra? In many Tantric master’s homes, they have a special room designed specifically for Tantric ritual. Now, you could go to this length if you wanted to, but it's not necessary to enjoy all the benefits. Perhaps there is a corner of your bedroom or living room that you can create a sanctuary of space and energy.

Think about the things you enjoy as sensations. Do you like the smell of incense or candles? What kind of music would you prefer? Decorations or ritualistic pieces can add a lot to a space. Plants provide life and beauty.

The floor is a great space for Tantric ritual. It is actually preferred over the bed for many of the activities you would do with a partner. But you do want to make it soft, so think about layering blankets, adding some pillows, and other pieces to soften the sit.

Perhaps you would like to add some oils, toys, floggers or feathers, or special chalices to drink from. The options are endless. Use your creativity and imagination. Think about the things you enjoy the most, and what your partner(s) may enjoy also. Be inclusive, set the stage, and dive deeper into Tantric ritual. This is an important aspect to gather in the spiritual sacred space of the infinite orgasm. Have fun, explore, and enjoy!

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Andy Eversole, C.H.

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