Year-1 Entrepreneur Insights

Year-1 Entrepreneur Insights

This entrepreneur post is review of my top lessons learned. In retrospect, these moves turned out to be critical to my success, and are what I would repeat if I started a new company.

This year I actively began marketing and selling my service, joining Men of Order (then Jianchor) in the spring. My purpose was to write from the Perspective of an entrepreneur actively getting it out of the mud. Detailing the pains a successful entrepreneur forgot he forgot.

I believe these posts were critical to my business growing from a 3-figure a month revenue, to a 5-figure a month revenue from January 2021 to November 2021.


You have to have absolute confidence in what you are doing. Specifically in the service’s ability to deliver and your ability to deliver.

When they say “the buyer buys you” what is what they are talking about. The buyer buys how confident you are in your ability to deliver a result. And you need to project that with your body language, the tone of your voice, etc. The more congruent you are in the delivery of your belief and confidence, the easier it is for the buyer to trust you to deliver.

Play to Win; Don’t Play to Not Lose

Everyman needs to put themselves in the situation to find out what their DNA is made of. You must play to win, 100%.

We have let this world convince us as men that it is ok to persue security. To let an employer, the government, and other authority figures, convince you to trade in your ability to forge the world with your own hands. For their diminished hand out.

Men were not built for this.

We were built to face total annihilation, and find a solution. Think about it. Within us, is the blood of conquerors and war lords. Sultans, sheiks, and kings. To satisfy that DNA within us, you HAVE to put yourself in the position to find out.

And here is the thing: The world is safer than it’s ever been, and there are fewer people playing to win than ever. And even if you fail, you can try again, or go into a secure paying job.

Your DNA needs to know! Your fulfillment as a man depends on it.

See the World Like a Winner

The world is a trickly place. The people at the top of the pyramid have designed an elaborate game to induce the “slave mind”.

The Slave Mind is:

  • Infighing within similar tribes: white vs black; republican vs democrat; man vs woman.
  • Men behaving like soft women and women behaving like masculine man
  • Convincing people not to compete
  • Sacraficing the well being of self for what you think someone else wants, thus no-one getting what they want
  • Emotional illogical reactions scripted to benefit others

Like I’ve said before. Nazi propaganda was their news. Inversely our news is our propaganda. So what is really real? What are the inconsistencies and why are the things we believe there. Keep in mind, everyone is engulfed in their propaganda. Getting your mind right is the first step towards playing the game to extract what you want out of it.

Sex is Sales

Sales is an emotional game and women are the gender of feelings and emotions. For the longest time I was unable to see the parallels until I started my own business.

Marketing, branding, selling, and closing are all entwined aspects of business that have some serious overlap, but distinctly different application. To me the two most important are selling and closing.

A $10,000 dollar mistake made me realize how significant emotional connection is to selling, to the point of: “stay away from logic 3-million percent.” I'm dead serious. Your sales pitch needs to connect with what they love or what moves them to action emotionally: zero numbers, charts, or graphs.

Understanding this was crucial to taking my business to the next level. This mistake prepared me to land my first major deal a week later, moving me to a 5-figure per month income.

Networking is King

Your income and your network will expand your ability to buy more income. Landing different sales contracts, and getting responses from people who will leave you with read receipts—who you know will rapidly enhance your ability to move your far off future into the present.

Your ability to abandon formalities as bland questions, and genuine inquiries. And abandon humility, to give an honest objective list of your accomplishments. These things will allow you to build relationships where people can help each other level up in life.

Bonus: Say Yes

When you are broke trying to make it you cant afford to say no to people trying to give you their money—if they are talking to you, on a subconscious level, they have preselected your service. If you have what they are looking for, even if it's just one part of your service, take it. Do not disqualify yourself. They have already decided it's worth the price for just that one portion.

This will help you flesh out your service, discovering blind spots in your current business model/service that enhance the total service provided to the previous ideal buyer.

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