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JRE 1774 - Josh Dubin

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1774

Josh Dubin is a criminal justice reform advocate and civil rights attorney. He also works with the Innocence Project.

"I'm here...to help free people that are wrongfully incarcerated... This show has been a critical part in telling these stories," Josh said at the opening of the podcast. Josh's previous appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience was instrumental because that episode helped exonerate two young Black men in Kansas: Rontarus Washington and Albert Wilson.

What follows is an extremely insightful episode about the justice system in America.

One might expect some hate on cops, but far from a discussion that disparages police, Joe and Josh each express empathy for the job.

Josh Dubin talks about the process of getting clemency for people. We also hear about some convictions Josh has worked on that are a little sus. What makes getting clemency so hard?

The highlight of this episode is Josh Dubin's powerful explanation about the presumption of innocence. Firstly, he explains why this understanding is vital to our justice system. Then he goes over how far away we are from achieving a true presumption of innocence, and why. Following this is a very insightful explanation about jury selection with touching stories from Josh's personal experience.

Other points of interest:

The psychology behind false confessions.

"70% of women that were exonerated are exonerated of crimes that never happened."

What is the biggest fallacy in our justice system?

Are we going to become cyborgs?

The psychology and human nature behind winning and losing and power and how these bleed into criminal justice.

Joe Rogan's experiences as a security guard for Neil Young!

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