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JRE 1806 - Duncan Trussell (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1806

Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and host of the "Duncan Trussell Family Hour" podcast.

The episode starts off with Joe worried that the candles they have lit might catch their wizard robes and wigs on fire. In other words: dudes are baked out of their minds.

On what, exactly? Mike Tyson's weed.

And so, Rogan and Duncan go on a wild ride through just the craziest, most non-sensical metaphysics you could ever imagine.

The theories are the plots of The Matrix, The 13th Floor, Dark City, a few dozen animes, and The Predator - all combined and twisted with memory. Images of these movies are interwoven unknowingly with real life and presented as fresh new theories about existence.

Who is to even say they're wrong about any of it? I'm not here to judge.


5:30 No one knows what life is all about but we still look to other people for leadership and advice.

9:00 Frog meme magic. Do we allow bots to have freedom of speech? Bots taking over social media and bringing countries to their knees.

32:00 Would the elites have given us the internet if they knew what it would do?

36:00 Technology is a parasitic alien creature that landed on the planet and is making us make it more powerful.

39:40 Joe's going to get a Tesla robot and teach it jiu-jitsu. (These guys are freaking me out about the AI bots, man!)

45:00 Are we already under the spell of a hypnotic technological creature?

55:00 CNN and Fox News as Churches and Hannity and Anderson Cooper as members of a priest class.

1:03:00 Conquerers crushing people under their tables while they eat? Yes-men lead to the apocalypse.

1:08:00 Worried about the dream technology… ?

1:20:00 "Like a gobstopper the universe threw in its mouth, you are being melted down by time."

1:21:45 What if we're all waking up as a different person each day and our memories are fake?

Gets even crazier...

1:23:00 We're in suspended animation on a deep space voyage and all this is a simulation to keep our minds stimulated so we don't die. And the life we see trains us for our job on the planet we're traveling to.

1:28:30 Cultist castration so they can go on the spaceship somehow circles us back to the freedom of speech issue.

1:46:45 Sending kids to state facilities so employees of the state can indoctrinate them.

2:04:00 A hot woman that's way smarter than you is not fair. Duncan can't smell, and Covid is a strange disease.

2:17:15 Gun control.

2:24:00 There will be no secrets in 20 years because of the mind-reading technology. Getting cell phone data straight into our brains. No more cell phones.

2:40:00 Assassin drones, nanobots, and insects spying on you.

2:49:17 Let's forget about drones. Dragonflies are cool. Hey - look at this dinosaur-looking fish-type thing.

2:58:30 How do we know that we weren't in a spaceship and absorbed and eaten by an alien that dissolves us into infinity that's what we call reincarnation?

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