Seeking Arrangements: 3-Ways it's the Best Dating App

Seeking Arrangements: 3-Ways it's the Best Dating App

Seeking Arrangements is known for bringing sugar babies and sugar daddies together. In reality, its somewhere between women seeking financial security from a man, without the man getting anything of value in return...

…and escorting lol. Max simping....

….So what am I doing on there?

Dating apps are here to stay and Instagram is king. But, I would say Seeking is a close second place.

I am going to talk to you about using Seeking as a dating site and not a sugar site. Getting the hottest girls in the city selecting you as the exception to their sugaring standards. Thus, allowing you to date attractive, feminine women like normal people.

Today we live in a distorted world where the constant bombardment of male attention has inflated a woman's sense of value as a mate. However having spent time on Seeking, I can definitely say, it does a better job leveling the playing field. The concept of a sugar daddy, requires men to have money/be successful. Using female hypergamy to provide dating opportunities to men, that are absent on other dating apps due to their sole emphasis on physical attraction.

I’m going to give you 3-reasons why I prefer Seeking to dating apps like Bumble and Tinder.

1.Exchanging Sex for Resources

In a normal everyday interaction, men will try to get the most bang for their buck from a woman. And a woman will trade her sexuality for as much security and resources as possible. As a result, both parties are jockeying for position, trying to be the less vulnerable, and most respectable version of themselves:

Not being a hoe, and not being a simp.

On Seeking, there is a concrete understanding that men want sex, and women want resources, and that both sides have a price. Now I am not condoning men paying for female compliance in any romantic capacity, and ESPECIALLY in romantic capacities.

What I am saying:

In my last post I wrote about follow up questions to ask girls. I have found the most effective times to get maximum honesty from a woman you're dating, tend to fall under two circumstances:

  1. Immediately after sex.
  2. Anytime considering she knows that you know she wants to have sex with you.

When the fear of getting the worse end of the exchange is eliminated, women will can be more open with themselves because their true self can’t be taken advantage of if there is no advantage to press.

Because of the psychology of the Seeking environment, women are much more open and welcoming with their communication, more pleasant, and feminine since the dance about sex and resources is understood.

2.You are the prize

Most men are socially awkward, especially when it comes to the physical and social attributes women find attractive in a man. Of the girls I have talked on that site, they have told me stories about being paid for texting/phone calls, being ‘fin-doms’ (financial BDSM), getting paid to go on dates, etc. There is a surprising amount of money being thrown around simping without securing sex.

Most attractive women (20-30) want to date men their age. But, most men their age are broke losers. Being socially adept, understanding women and what makes them laugh, having your physical appearance right, getting your money up, and being closer to that age range, will immediately boost your attraction.

Now age is definitely the least punishable in terms of attraction. But it is certainly a multiplier if you have it. All of these things when packaged together, make you more valuable than other men on the site and remove a woman's leverage to demand sugar.

As they say 10% of an alpha is worth more than 100% of a beta.

3.More more attractive women

The girls are way more attractive across all ethnicities. Other dating apps aren’t even close.

Because of reasons 1 and 2, women must come correct. In real life, these attractive women run the marketplace and have their pick of the litter. As such they do not/never developed other feminine skills that they would need to compete for, and secure a man.

On Seeking, all the women are attractive.

Eliminating “being attractive” from their mating weapons.

They have to be able to bring something else to the table. Even though what I am about to say is more of an indicator of the current disability of women: Seeking girls will ask way more questions about you, what you do, where you come from etc. The fact that is a difference maker is sad, but that’s the current marketplace.

Additionally, they are very forwards about their attraction to you, and will not waste time jumping through your hoops to get to know you. Where as the interaction with a woman in real life, she will shit test you into disgust. Seeking women treat you as if they recognize your value.

And you get this experience from your pick of the litter of your city's hottest girls.


Now using Seeking as a sourcing site might not be the best option for you. Know your game. The clarity of reason one above means that women will abuse you if you let them-- and its your fault if they do.

But if your game is tight, and your financials are on point, and the more of a genetic adonis you are, the harder you can enforce your frame, and the more likely they are to accept it. These girls abandoning their sugaring frame, and adopting yours, is possible because girls are still girls.

At the end of the day it's in their DNA to beat out other women for the best male available.

Like The Rational Male says: women make rules for betas, and break rules for alphas.

Sugar babies are no different.

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